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Immediately after they negotiate the contract, buyers should apply for any financing necessary to complete the purchase. The agent's advice can help them select a reputable lender whose products and service best meet their needs.Notification of loan application is passed to the listing agent, who keeps the seller informed as the process progresses. During this process, buyers must furnish the lender pertinent information regarding their assets, income, debts and credit history. It is importent that your Realtor (the seller representive) keep involved in this process to ensure it is proceeding in a timly manor.



The rise in the importance placed on home inspections is probably the most significant change that has occurred in the home selling process in recent years. Typically, the process involves a top-to-bottom inspection of the property, performed by an inspector who is chosen and paid by the buyers. Sellers must have all utilites in service at the time of teh isnepction so a thorough evaluation of the home systems and appliances can be made. After the buyers review the inspection report, they have the right to ask that some or all of the defects discovered during the inspection be repaired. The seller may not be obligated to make these repairs; however, if the parties cannot reach an agreement within the prescribed time period, the contract dies. Both the buyers and sellers move back to square one. The buyer must look for another house and the sellers must look for other buyers. This process can easily amount to a complete renegotiation of the contract. The role of the listing and selling sales personnel is critically important in facilitating a successful negotiation during this often difficult home loan process.



As a part of the loan approval process, the lender will require that the property be appraised to ensure that the value of the property is adequate to justify the loan. Although the buyer and seller have already agreed on a price, the appraiser's evaluation must support that price. If the appraisal is not adequate, the contract must be renegotiated or the loan will be disapproved. If this occurs, both buyers and sellers return to square one. It is importent that your Realtor (the seller representive) is knowledgeable about your market area in case the appraiser needs assistence when determining the value of your home.



When the appraisal has been satisfactorily completed and the lender has verified the buyer's income, credit, etc., the loan can then be fully approved with a loan commitment, up to this point there has only been a preliminary approval often times called a pre-approval. Both listing and selling agents will work to ensure that all necessary steps are taken to reach this point.



When the loan is approved, an attorney specializing in real estate must be selected to prepare for and conduct the closing. Actually, the buyer usually makes the selection unless the seller is paying the closing costs (which include the attorney's fee). The Virginia real estate contract has the buyer disclose this election at the time an offer is made to the seller. The settlement attrney and firm can be starting the title erach process when the home inspectio process is occurring. Among other items, the attorney will check the title to the property, prepare necessary paperwork, and handle the receipt and distribution of all monies in the transaction. The attorney will represent the transaction, not the buyer or seller. Buyers and/or sellers may hire attorneys to represent them. While this is rarely done, it might be advisable in some circumstances.



Most contracts require the sellers to furnish a termite clearance letter to the buyers. A licensed pest control operator must certify that the property is free from infestation by termites or other wood destroying organisms. This inspection requires specialized skills and is separate from the home inspection. If the inspector finds active infestation, the property must be treated to alleviate the problem. In addition, any structural damage caused by current or previous infestation must be repaired. The cost of this inspection can be paid by either the seller or buyer, but any required treatment or home repair is the responsibility of the seller.



Prior to closing, the buyers must arrange for a homeowner's insurance policy covering the property. The selling agent will help the buyer make sure that the coverage is adequate to satisfy the requirements of the lender. These arrangements must be made prior to closing and the policy must be present at the closing.



Prior to closing, any repairs agreed upon as a part of the home inspection and termite inspection must be completed. Sellers should be careful to hire reputable repairmen and keep good records of completion and payments involved. Buyers will normally have the property re-inspected to ensure satisfactory completion and it is common for the seller to provide reciepts from the contractors to demonstrate that required repairs were performed by licensed home improvement contractors.



Prior to closing, both buyers and sellers should arrange to have the utilities transferred from one to the other. To accomplish this task, a date (usually the possession date) will be agreed upon for the transfer. The sellers notify the utility companies to cancel their services on that day. The buyers make applications with the various utilities and ask that their services be established on that same day. It is important that these dates coincide to avoid a lapse in service.



After the loan is approved, the closing attorney will prepare the necessary documents to finalize the sale. A time will be scheduled for the buyers, sellers, and their respective agents to meet to "close" the transaction. At this meeting all of the paperwork will be reviewed and signed. The buyer will make payment to the closing attorney in certified funds, and the closing attorney will make payment to the seller and others receiving monies. Careful planning and coordination are essential to ensure a smooth, successful closing process. During this critical period, an experenced Realtor will prove to be extremely valuable.


So, if you are ready to sell..I hope to be that Realtor.

The Home Selling Process

You de-cluttered and cleaned. You spruced up and renovated.

Your agent listed the home, and you received and accepted an what?

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